Order, chaos and the future

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How did we get from hunter-gatherer to where we are today? There are many answers to this question which ranges from historical based theories to space aliens. One thing however remains certain, that without so called “organisation” appearing on the scene, none of what we see today would be here. The philosophical underpinning here is that progress does not come from chaos, a system needs structure, rules and predictability if it is to amount to anything worth while. The universe started of chaotic but had it not been for the rules of physics there would be no light, no planetary orbits, and ultimately no you nor I contemplating the meaning of it all.

How does the concept of “order” relate to predicting the future? The answer is simply that “order” or lack thereof will make or brake society and quite possibly civilization. This is quite obvious when it relates to military matters, to justice and even traffic. There is however a few more subtle aspects to the whole question of order in society. Let me clarify by using an example. Just as the universe and our solar system needs to function according to set rules in order to enable our survival, so does almost every aspect of human interaction. Sounds far-fetched?
Consider the economy, the financial system in which so much of our wealth is concentrated. It operates according to certain rules. Rules that regulate everything from capital flows to taxation. Rules ensure that the financial environment is navigable and trustworthy. If I thought a bank or a pension fund was going to be reckless with my money and lose it all, I would keep my money under the mattress. It is because of the rules that we can trust the system. Ever since the time of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan have financial markets been on a steady march away from strict regulation. Gone were the days of centrally planned economies and unnecessary government intervention. The free markets had arrived and have indeed brought a new era of unprecedented financial growth and prosperity. Thatcher and Reagan got it right, but we need to keep a leash on the beast.
It is now always the case that less regulation is better. As humans, we live in a complex environment. Many of the things in our world are enriched by complexity. Complexity exists where we have diversity of elements, the elements are connected and dependent on each other, and they have to be adapting to the actions of each other. Now complexity is the greatest thing ever to happen in the universe…ever! Complex systems are never centrally planned or controlled,
This article is to look at how order in a pre-requisite for progress, how chaos and lack of organisation impede’s progress, and the various forces currently pulling in different directions. Regulation of World Financial Markets, ability of governments to break into our privacy, order and chaos issues related to Biotech, Robots, UAV and other type drone’s. Paradigm shifts, large scale organisation.

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