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Order, chaos and the future

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How did we get from hunter-gatherer to where we are today? There are many answers to this question which ranges from historical based theories to space aliens. One thing however remains certain, that without so called “organisation” appearing on the scene, none of what we see today would be here. The philosophical underpinning here is

Blind spots, habits and the future

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Who was that guy who came up with the idea of selling sliced bread? For the purpose of this discussion knowing his name is not important, what matters is knowing that sliced bread was initially marketed as the greatest innovation in the baking industry since selling wrapped bread! This obviously implies that there was a

Predicting the Future

Can we predict the future? This particular question has two answers, which can be combined into a single answer. The first answer is: Yes, we can definitely predict the future. The second answer is: No, we can absolutely not predict the future. Combination answer is: We can predict the future sometimes, imperfectly, with a varying degree of error.